Call me old fashioned…

I like being a stay-at-home-mom.
I like doing girl things.
I don’t ever think, “Man, I wish I was a guy.”
I’m okay with being the one who cleans and does the laundry.
I believe in equality within a marriage but that is not to say we have to split all responsibilities down the middle; we have separate responsibilities and that’s fine.
If someone makes a remark about my looks I feel like, “Sweet, thanks for noticing.”
I believe that “feminism” began as a noble cause to establish equal rights and has now turned into, “we should all be interchangeable beings regardless of gender.”
God created us.
There has to be a happy medium between embracing our genders and being treated with equal respect.
Double standards exist. They always will. I’m not offended when a guy wants to open the door for me. Does he expect the same from me? No. Is he going to start a protest about it? Probably not.
Whatevs. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being represented by women who hate being women, and I’m out on that.

Serious blog concluded.

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