Robbie Eats: If you liked it then you shoulda put some cheese on it

These week was a little bit of this and that. Good and bad, tolerable and unbearable. Not necessarily a great deal of progress but a few notable tid-bits.

We increased Robbie’s milk to 6 ounces. He is taking the drinks mostly by himself, unless he’s watching a particularly riveting episode of Jake the Pirate, and in that case I hold the cup for him. He is still doing junior texture (applesauce) in his main meal but has been working on increasing texture during his therapy sessions (he is incentivitzed by the promise of a quick game of Jenga or Break the Ice which is incredibly effective). This week he took a bite of a Cheeto and some waffle. With much prompting and a full-body effort he chews the pea-sized bite, swallows like he’s gulping fire at a circus, opens his mouth as wide as it will permit, smiles and awaits the congratulatory fanfare that consistently follows.

The highlight of this week was watching Robbie’s dreams come true. Several weeks back he confided in his therapist, telling her that he would love┬áto have lunch with his girlfriend, Alexa. This is Robbie’s playroom bae and they spend all of their time together. He’s a natural, saddling up next to her by the books and telling her unabashedly, “I like your hair, Alexa.” Yesterday I even caught him singing a sweet melody with her name as the only lyrical content. Her mother and I both agree that their children will be beautiful. So today Robbie and Alexa made grilled cheese together. With a little Barry Manalow on the record player, they both took a bite. You have to imagine Robbie with heart eyes watching the love of his life eating his “favorite sandwich in the whole world.” True he’s never actually tried it, but in the grand scheme, is that really important? The heart wants what the heart wants. After taking a colossal bite the therapist had to quickly remove the piece from his mouth, quickly extinguishing the mood. On his second attempt he tried a smaller bite and was very successful. Fire reignited, he took one more bite and just like that, Robbie had his first lunch date.

I’ll bypass the less-than-ideal details of the week and leave it at this: overall, this week was a success, in that he wasn’t eating food 6 weeks ago and now he is eating food. He works hard, plays hard, and loves even harder.

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4 thoughts on “Robbie Eats: If you liked it then you shoulda put some cheese on it”

  1. Everything about this post is amazing! I am so happy you were able to go to the Institute and Robbie now knows so much more about eating. The years will pass and these memories will fade into the tapestry of his life as he takes all the not realized things he has learned about succeeding and applies them to new challenges. Love from the Reeds

    1. Thank you, Diana! I thought of you so many times during the past 2 months. Thank you for always sharing your wise and thoughtful words. I love your family so much!

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