Just when I thought I said all I could say…

There is something I feel like I need to get off my chest. Try not to be alarmed by what I’m about to say.

I’ve thought about this a lot, I can even admit that it has kept me up nights. I worry what people might think of me if I say what I believe, but I worry more about what I’ll think about myself if I don’t say it.

I’ve known since around Thanksgiving of 2013. It came as a huge shock, and I didn’t know what to make of it first. But I’m more sure now than I’ve ever been.

Here goes.

I think, I believe, I feel…that Tangled was a far superior story-line to Frozen.

There. Now you know. Judge away, buttfaces.

Now that I’ve opened that box…I’m afraid it’s all got to come out.

♫These are my confessions…♫

The last three times I’ve washed my hair I’ve used Loreal Kid’s 3-1 (shampoo, conditioner and wash) because I forget to buy shampoo every time I’m at the store. Despite the now, brittle condition of my hair, I can’t say I’m sorry that I smell like a basket of apples. Though, in reality I smell less like an actual apple and more like what Bath and Bodyworks think apples smell like. Either way, its fantastic.

I get a little refluxy when people ask me to take my shoes off at their house. Please don’t make me. Is the cleanliness of your hardwoods more important than my outfit? At least spot me a Capri Sun and some Dunkaroos if you’re serious.

When my headphones fall out at the gym I feel like such a loser. I instantly imagine someone walking past muttering, “amateur hour, much?” But then I remember that I’m not on the set of Clueless and then I’m only moderately embarrassed.

I still have all of my binders from college. I’m convinced they will be useful some day. Not the stuff in them…they’re empty…its the binders themselves. They’re still in really good condition, guys.

One of my favorite past times is watching people play Zelda. On more than one occasion my zeldabrother, Dru, his friends and I would act it out. LARPing before LARPing was cool (its still not cool). **That photo isn’t of us but I legitimately wish it was

I regularly dream about being chased by a scary man. And enormous, chocolate donuts. Separate dreams.

I love chocolate donuts. Not a confession, just a fact of life.


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4 thoughts on “Just when I thought I said all I could say…”

  1. YES!!! Liked it so much more. I did hear a Psychiatrist say he hated it because it reinforces the idea that a woman can change a bad guy into a good guy…….and yet I did like it more than Frozen. P.S. I didn’t even finish reading your post before I had to comment:)

  2. Is it confession night? Then I just shaved my legs for the first time in almost a month! I was kinda sad to do it. I really wanted to see how long it would really get.
    Did THAT make you refluxy?

  3. I totally agree with the Frozen thing. Blair and I walked out of the movie in the theatre and thought “huh.” Frozen is just sad and it’s only redeeming quality is the snowman. Sadly, the whole Olaf thing also seems completely out of place in the movie. Also, the trolls were kind of weird. (I assume the plot was created by people on drugs. Kind of like the plot of Madagascar 3)

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