Obligatory Thankfulness Post

Thank you, CW network for only casting the most beautiful, albeit mediocre actors. Sometimes I just want to hang with the beauitful people.

I’m grateful for shellac nail polish. Instead of paying $20 every week for a manicure I can pay $40 every two weeks for a manicure. #thelogicissound

Thank you to the American people for still watching Grey’s Anatomy. May it go on to see old age and usher Meredith and McDreamy into geriatric retirement.

Thank you, Phillipines for making thermal leggings. Next season if you added stirrups I wouldn’t be sad.

Thank you, Spotify for releasing me from the intense pressure of making my own playlist. #thestruggleisreal

Thank you Target, for showing me things I would have not otherwise known that I needed. #noveltymustachesoap

Thank you, Instagram, for your forgiving filters. #valenciaallday

I’m grateful for Amazon Prime. When I have to wait longer than two days for shipping I consider it a personal insult.

Thank you, felt-tip pens. You know how to make my name look sexy.

Thank you, Brian Regan. You are a scholar amongst men.

I’m grateful I live in a state where you can pick up a pickle-in-a-bag at any gas station of your choosing. #pregnancythanksyou

I’m grateful for babies that keep me up all night and a husband who doesn’t make them sleep outside. #seriouslysoblessed



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