Robbie Eats: Over Half-Way

Last week, if you recall, the dancing gnomes were taking selfies on their new iPhones, tagging themselves in the latest trending #bestweekever. Unfortunately Friday took a turn and we had a terrible, terrible day. Lots of screaming, holding him down, crying, desperate pleas etc. Given his unusual behavior I suspected he could have a UTI and confirmed it later that night. He slept a lot of the weekend and his little body worked hard to recover. In hindsight it would have be wise of me to keep him home on Monday and allow him one more day to get the rest he needed. As it was, Monday resulted in a really difficult and unproductive day. Tuesday I hoped he would have felt better with the sleep he had gotten but after a brutal breakfast session with him hitting his head against the tray, choking himself until he vomited, and an array of other combative gestures, we terminated the session. Between the physical aggression and the repetition of “mom, you’re breaking my heart” and “you’re hurting my feelings,” I quickly let myself out of the room. And then I went to the bathroom, cried in a stall and relived some high school nostalgia. At that point, we decided to call it a day. He fell asleep on the way home, continued to sleep for almost 6 hours and was back in bed by 8 to get a full-night’s rest.

Wednesday was okay. Breakfast and lunch were successful but dinner left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Thursday was infinitely better and gave us all some much needed comfort that we are back on the right track.

In the grand scheme, this week was not all lost and we did reach an exciting milestone. He is now willing to hold his own cup when drinking milk. Like many of the “milestones” in this process, it sounds like a small thing, but for him it is really quite remarkable. This allows him some control over the situation as well as making the session go by quicker. Oh and not to mention it’s a life skill that is essential if he ever hopes to get a date in college. He’s also developed a great fondness for “chwoclate puddin” which is both adorable and awesome.

Big Rob (Robbie’s dad) was able to come for part of Thursday and Friday which was a welcome break. Naturally, Robbie took it upon himself to play tour guide and show Big Rob the ropes.

I’m aware this post lacks a little pizzazz, I apologize. I’m all pizzazzed out for the time being. I intend to spend the weekend hibernating.

To be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Robbie Eats: Over Half-Way”

  1. Please look back to week one and realize you have come light years! Glad you got some reinforcements and HANG IN THERE both of you. Lots of love and prayers and names in temples and pleas sent out in the universe!

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