Robbie Eats: Week Nine

Towards the end of the last week Robbie’s team decided that it would be beneficial for one extra week of treatment.

I promise I won’t intentionally try to make anyone cry. Here’s the long and short of it. Over the weekend, Robbie was pretty fed up with…life. So he told me he no longer liked eating and would not be participating in that activity any longer. Sparing you the details, lets just say it was a BRUTAL few days on my own trying to convince him otherwise. We suspected that he could have been sick and decided to get some blood work and give him a little break from the intense demands at school. So far this week, he has continued to refuse many of the foods that he was not only willing, but happy to eat just a few weeks earlier. He will happily eating pudding, applesauce, yogurt, and bananas with no argument and is still drinking his milk.

Our hope is that he is just going through a little period of exhaustion and that we can get him back to where he was soon. So fingers crossed, knock on wood, and do a little, ritualistic dance naked in the moonlight if you have to.

Since this news is a bit disappointing, please enjoy the following Robbisms:

While standing in a small chapel with a platform where a bible and prayer roll sits, Robbie marches onto the platform, looks down at me and says, “okay, so I’m Jesus…” and proceeds to get into character.

Waiting for our car at the end of the day, a questionable pair of men come up to Robbie, clearly riding a pretty aggressive high, and hand him a tiny football. “Wow, that’s so nice of you guys. It’s what I’ve always wanted! I’ll keep it forever!”

Dropping him off at an occupational therapy appointment I asked Robbie who was coming down the hall (his therapist), he replies, “oh, oh, that’s just Donna. Oh, hey Donna.”

Looking up at the Christus that stands in the main entrance to John’s Hopkins Robbie says, “mom, why is he lookin down at me? He’s looking right at me. C’mere, stand right here, you gotta try this.”

I’ll top this post off with a few photos of Robbie and his amazing team. We are so grateful for the role that everyone played in his treatment. It’s hard not to feel endeared to the people who show so much love for the tiny person we made.

image image

Robbie's Speech Therapist
Robbie’s Speech Therapist
Robbie's Feeding Therapists
Robbie’s Feeding Therapists
Celebratory Cupcakes
Celebratory Cupcakes
The Playroom Team
The Playroom Team


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2 thoughts on “Robbie Eats: Week Nine”

  1. He eats!!!! How amazing. 2 months and his entire story has changed. What will the future bring?! So unbelievably exciting.
    Hope the next few weeks bring joy and peace. And maybe, just maybe that little man deserves the turkey drumstick this year.

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