Word Association: Vol II

I bring you, volume II of: Word-association-random-stream-of-consciousness-etc-etc-i-say-the-word-poop.

Turtle: Poop. Ahg! This is what happens when you live with a boy. They teach you gross things like, “turtling” with regards to poop. Think about it. Or don’t. I’m so ashamed.

Cloud: Marshmallows. Particularly marshmallow fluff. Particularly the marshmallow fluff that I used to hide in a hole in my wall when I was in middle high school.

Digger: A dance move my son created inspired by trucks and Bollywood. It consists of a one arm scooping motion with a gentle rocking of the knees. It’s already penetrated the market. Watch out.

Dentist: Novocain. Drooling. Dogs. Pets are the worst.

Cookies: Cookie Crisp? That was a weird turn. Obvious, I know, but unexpected. Of all things cookie, Cookie Crisp is far and away the worst. What a disappointment.

Opera: Hormonal. Listening to opera on volume 2,000 while crying in the dark when I was 15 because my boyfriend dumped me. 15-year old me, you’re the worst and you really need to lighten the H up.

Blubber: Flubber. Like, the movie. And the time my dad bought us a bootleg copy of it in NYC but he didn’t know it was a bootleg copy. And then it was terrible. Such a waste of purchasing felony contraband.

Bereft: Bereft, b.e.r.e.f.t. Bereft. Use it in a sentence. Her pantry was sparse and bereft of chocolate. Her life was a tragedy.

Egg: Easter. Easter eggs. Jell-o Easter eggs. Bill Cosby. I immediately regret this train of thought.

Apartment: Rats. Rats and murderers and drugs. Uhhh.

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Hollister: Head lamp (see photo)

Snicker: Snickerdoodle. The red-headed stepchild of cookies. Right behind Oatmeal Chocolate chip. Getcha oatmeal, out my damn cookie.

Adept: Competent. The word my husband used to describe me when we were dating. Romance isn’t dead, ya’ll.


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2 thoughts on “Word Association: Vol II”

  1. Rob is a romantic genius compared to me with his suave use of “adept”, it beats “you don’t suck” by miles.

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