Yoga pants: not just pants, but a lifestyle

I’m too lazy to write a blog tonight, so I’m just copying and pasting some of the potential blog material (unedited) I had this week:


Read an article on Yoga pants becoming (always ahead of the trend, over here) the new uniform for many women. Read similar articles but this one nailed it. They referred to it as “lifestyle clothing.” Finally! Someone speaking my language, the language of lycra.

“You’re almost as cute as my kitty!” Spoken by a weird old lady at Target to my adorable, cooing baby. I don’t care if you’re 97. Come over here so I can slap you in your stupid face.

In charge of getting snacks for a lake outing. Rob sent me into store with a mission. Came out with a new shirt, king-sized M&Ms, king-sized skittles, and pizza-flavored Combos. He says I failed. DISAGREE.

Tidy Cats commercial where their main selling point seems to be that it is 50% lighter. One neighbor, tosses a HUGE bag of it next door and the receiving neighbor catches it with ease. Is this really relevant? Also, hate cats.

Everyone hates so hard on Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen? Why? All seems legit to me.marykate

Adolescents on a field trip give me PTSD. So many elements to a successful field trip. Pack or buy lunch? If you pack, will kids think your sandwich is dorky? Clothing? Want practical shoes for running but sneakers with jeans: dorky or situationally appropriate? How to make sure your crush is in your chaperone group. Will your mom chaperoning be an asset or disadvantage? Bus companion. Plan entire day around getting a photo with crush. Where to put your name tag to mitigate dorkiness (sleeve, bottom hem of shirt, backpack etc).

And lastly:

Today’s Google Searches

1. “fire in oven”

2. “what to pair with aztec leggings”

3. “quiet activities for toddlers”


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